Seven Quick Takes this Friday eve!

--- 1 --- Have you ever thought about doing something for a few weeks, but then, in a fit of adrenaline actually bit the bullet then sat back and thought, "Did I really just do that?" So. As of last night, I have a ticket to Colorado the first week of April. For a silent... Continue Reading →


Mind-blowing St. Max reflection, part dos

Three words. I first read these on the information sent from my New Year's Retreat. And I was like, "YES." From our friend St. Max himself, guys, "Love alone creates." That's the sound of my brain exploding once again. I love this quote. Please, humor me for the next three months, ponder this and then... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Let's just come right out and say it, right? Vest, vest, veeeeeest!! I raided the costume closet again. I'm telling you this because I believe in honesty. And humility, I guess. My excuse is the one I've made all year thus far and will CONTINUE TO MAKE even if it means I'm saying the same... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Dinner Par-tay

Man oh man. I was trying to post once-a-day last week, ya'll. Really, I was. So I posted on Monday and Tuesday only. Lame-o. Reason why: I was prepping for a dinner party on Friday. So, Swim class on Wednesday and food shopping/ prep on Thursday and cooking/ entertaining on Friday did not bode well... Continue Reading →

Giggly things

Four things that have made me laugh. A list. First. This text from an UNREVEALED FRIEND: "Sometimes, I think that if someone else saw your texts, they'd think you'd been drinking." My response: "Sometimes I realize that if someone saw me/ overheard any of my convos/ watched my dance/ wondered how I matched my clothes,... Continue Reading →

Faces y places

Supposed to be What-I-Wore-Wednesday, I know. But I'm just wearing a million winter clothes in a million layers and my BUSINESS hat because: Valetine-y business in the city! 🙂 We've been having some fun, and here are some photos. First of all, I was looking back in the archives of the ol' blog. This was... Continue Reading →

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