Advent Wednesday #4

Today my office was closed and soooooooo I had a day off. What luck! I went back and forth to different stores, finishing up my last-minute shopping. The print shop! The grocery store! The stationary store! The chocolate store! What fun! I know, a lot of people get stressed out this time of year. And,... Continue Reading →


Advent Tuesday #4 | All is calm. All is weird.

That night there were homeless, abiding in the alleys and crevices of buildings, keeping watch over their assorted plastic grocery bags by night. And they weren't your down-on-their-luck homeless who just need a stroke of good fortune and they'll be back in a good job and an apartment again. No, these are the kind who... Continue Reading →

Advent Friday #3

I was walking to get tacos for lunch yesterday with an old friend because: friends 4-ever. And also: tacos 4-ever. 4 real. A few weeks ago now, I gave a talk at the youth group where my friend volunteers. It was there that I learned that this friend, who I have known for years, was... Continue Reading →

Advent Wednesday #3

At lunchtime yesterday I went to a church-hall where food was being served to people who have lodging and maybe a change of clothes but not much else. They did have a lot of Christmas cheer though, and they all greeted me warmly. One man asked if I had met his grandchildren yet. I told... Continue Reading →

Advent Monday #2

There is a line in an Advent song that sings like, "O Come, O rod of Jesse's stem" And today's reading is about the desert and the parched land and the steppe blooming "with abundant flowers." But I'm just over here like, "Yeah, and I'll bet that those were watered by our collective tears." "Mourning... Continue Reading →

Her last name was “Happy”

Years ago, when I was in 4-H, there was a woman who would volunteer at the weekend events we would sometimes attend. We would attend maybe once or twice a year--doing our artsy thang in the love that is northern Michigan. This woman was a senior citizen; and she shared a first-name with my mother... Continue Reading →

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