Pants. I have an "it's complicated" relationship with them. Skirts are easier for me. Because you can get a skirt in any of the sizes from: it catches your frame from the bottom of your rib cage (a.k.a. the "natural waist") to it sits at the fullest part of the hip and, the main point... Continue Reading →


10 Things you probably didn’t know about the SCOTTISH HIGHLAND COW

Lookit this guy. Just lookit ‘im. This is a Scottish Highland cow. And once I was like, “Hey, readers, I will write about something if you ask nicely,” and someone was like “Scottish Highland Cows” AND BEFORE YOU THINK I RENEGE ON MY PROMISES…ahem. Read ye on. Ten things you probs didn't know about Scottish... Continue Reading →

Talkin’ 2nite

I’m sitting in my office, wondering if I should change into a new dress or not before tonight. This one is already kind of sweaty. First of all, we’ve had a humidity index taking us to 104 for the past few days but, also, I give a talk tonight, and to say that I’m a... Continue Reading →

Labor Day Weekend

Months and months back, when it was still cold outside, a friend and I met for lunch, and we pinkie-promised that we would adventure over Labor Day weekend. Enter Labor Day weekend. Enter this camping. Enter a funky-fresh assortment of friends and family. And seven hundred million mosquitoes and one blessed bottle of 98.11% DEET.... Continue Reading →

Morning glory

There was a toddler at my house. What wonder. I arrived home from work on Tuesday, and she was there already, her hair tight-curled into a baby Afro--America's newest Shirley Temple--star of the show. She was playing in the basement with my parents, on a cart my mother bought her. If she sits on it,... Continue Reading →

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