State of the Union (and me)

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was in a car accident. In this dream, it was a very bad car accident. My car was totaled, my little silver sedan, taken away in a tow-truck. Now, not only was my car totaled, but there was a multiple-car pile-up, on the highway, and... Continue Reading →


Are there rice crispy treats in heaven?

Heaven, like God, is not bound by time. My sister once nearly cried herself to sleep trying to wrap her elementary-schooled mind around the eternal nature of God and the experience scarred me, so, I don't often try to ponder the implications of God's everlasting presence. Besides, of course, that heaven will last forever. I... Continue Reading →

Sixteen fast facts

...about my life. I broke my nose last Saturday, an accident involving someone's elbow and the bridge of my nose at a party. I was dancing and the exuberant appendage hit me at an inopportune angle, I tasted blood, and, there you have it. I probably won't die, and the pain has significantly lessened. The... Continue Reading →

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