List of lists for the single person to make this Valentine’s Day (and none of them are “what to look for in a spouse”)

Valentine's Day. I happen to love it. Love it, love it. I'm literally wearing a red sweater covered in obnoxious white hearts as I type this. That being said, I know it's hard, too. Because everyone is having these cutest little love posts about their lives and when you're not there, it's tempting to feel... Continue Reading →


February challenge

Last year I tried to write a piece of poetry every day for the month of February. This lasted decently well for the first two weeks. And then, sadly, one of my dearest friends was in a life-threatening accident involving an ambulance and unconsciousness and recovery and, to this day, there are things that his... Continue Reading →

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2. The holy (broken) family

Maybe St. Joseph Was just as broken as My father. We paint a rosy picture-- Joseph cradles a sleeping Mary Joseph covers the baby Jesus Joseph works in his shop And the doves gather As the lilies bloom. But maybe We're wrong. And our heart-cries For perfection have forgotten: Joseph was not announced by an... Continue Reading →


Half of the blood in my veins comes from a peoples easily addicted to fire water, and the other half from folks with a tendency towards obsessive compulsions and, while I've done a pretty good job of avoiding both of those things, I do tend to get reallllllly into whatever hobby I'm feeling at the... Continue Reading →

A simply delightful weekend

I have two mentors. They've both been like, "So, taking time for yourself," and this has been a process that has taken a lot of time (*cough* a year *cough*), BUT, this weekend I dutifully marked as "recovery weekend" which meant no responsibilities to anyone except myself (I'm looking at you: job-that-I-love) and therein began... Continue Reading →

Makin’ stuff

I have a wedding coming up this weekend, a delightful event, full of wonder, and maybe I'll write more about that. But, until then...I've been working on a new skirt. (Sketch above). I picked out some material a few weeks back, the store is kind of a potluck of stores--you never know what you'll find.... Continue Reading →

Weird things about sleeping

Y'all, I get writer's block like the best of us. So I'm going to tell you 10 things about sleeping, in an effort to reach a couple hundo words in the next few minutes. Also, if you couldn't guess...I'm a little tired. 🙂 Go me. 1. There is a neighborhood I live in only in... Continue Reading →

MLK day reflections

The reality on January 15, 2018. Perhaps the most ironic moment of the day is when I drove my used-but-still-slightly-luxurious (heated seats!) sedan down a street in Highland Park. Highland Park, the city-with-a-city, where the larger city is Detroit and the smaller city isn't doing so hot with violence, poverty, and danger itself. I went... Continue Reading →

The lavish hand that made us

Earlier this week, when I was sitting in my office, I remembered this quote, from a different blog I once read, and then I looked back, back, back in time, to see if I could find it again. Here 'tis. [The] dinner party is a true proclamation of the abundance of being--a rebuke to the... Continue Reading →

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